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          Vinyl Stickers collects your information when you place an order on our site or contact us by email or phone.

Vinyl Stickers will NEVER sell, distribute, trade or rent your email address, telephone, home address or ANY personal information you provide on our website or by emailing us. Your personal information is solely used for the purpose of contacting you in regards to any job we may have for you, posting your finished jobs or any related invoices or receipts. We may also, very rarely, email you promotional information about Vinyl Stickers from which you can easily unsubscribe by sending us a blank email with the word "unsubscribe" from the address you received the email to.

* All credit card payments are handled by PayPal , one of the world's leading sites for safely and securely paying for goods and services online, and the Shopping cart is provided by Mal's E-commerce . Please make sure you read their privacy policies, (PayPal and Mal's E-commerce) if you have any concerns about how they handle your personal information.

*  No credit card details are ever kept on record. We delete all your credit card info as soon as your payment is accepted.

We protect your personal information by using high security measures on our site and our offline storage facilities.

          * If you believe you have received any spam or unsolicited email from us, please contact us. We are committed to resolving disputes promptly.

          * This privacy policy may be altered or updated in the future without prior notice.


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